What you need to know about me is that I like to tinker with things. I’m not especially good at anything but I’m interested in everything. For example I have NO musical talent but I know how to strum a guitar and play some basic chords, I’ve fixed some stuff on my car but would never consider myself to be any kind of mechanic, and I like to make blogs and websites and pretty pictures on my computer but am not exceptional in any of these things. I like beer and cigars and westerns and zombie movies. I know a little bit about all these things, maybe enough to set me out from your everyday Bud Light drinker or Swisher Sweets smoker but nothing more.

I have a great family, a wife and two beautiful girls with another little one on the way. They are the part of my life that I take seriously. If I ever want to be an expert in anything it is caring for and loving them. Nothing else really matters much to me.

So yeah this is my blog. It’ll have some of my opinions about politics, theology, and dumb stuff like zombie movies. I’m sure it will have lots of pictures and movies of my beautiful girls. I’ll post some stuff about any web stuff I’m working on and pretty much I’ll just put up whatever I feel like writing about/sharing.

Feel free to email me at dan.sebts@gmail.com


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