Ekklesia, as in the title of this blog, is the greek word that we (usually)translate as church in the New Testament, it means a group of people gathered together for a certain purpose, or an assembly. I wanted to use that word in the title of this blog so that people don’t get all the different cultural ideas about the word “church” mixed in with what I’m talking about, maybe to give us all a fresh start on what the church, or ekklesia is supposed to be.

I want to explain what we feel the Biblical model of the church is. We believe the church is a community of believers sharing their lives, and when they are gathered they all participate to encourage one another. Christ is the head of the church and his goals and desires for the church are all that matters. He should direct the gathering and life of the church. Simply put, that is what we think the church looked like in the New Testament and what it should look like today.

My wife and I want to be a part of what the church is supposed to be. This blog will hopefully be a place where we can keep an account of our journey in finding out what the church is and being a part of it. We want this to be a place for people in Southern Maine to find others in the area who want to be a part of the ekklesia so that we can be a community of believers under the headship of Christ. We also want it to be a place that will encourage others who feel that they are alone and don’t know what to do in pursuing God’s desire for the ekklesia.

We’ll see where it goes from here!


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